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                                 Nanjing Yuance was established in 2003, and engaged in manufacturing & distributing kinds of chemical products in whole Chinese market.
                                 We are selling more than 50 chemical products and cooperating with more than 20 international suppliers.Read more.

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                              • Tel: 0086-25-85439097
                              • Fax: 0086-25-85417047
                              • URL: http://www.6opp.icu
                              • Email: david.tan@njyuance.cn
                              • Add: B1702, No. 130, Aoti Avenue, Nanjing-210019, China

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                              3,5-Bis-tert-butylsalicylic acid

                              cas no.: 19715-19-6Molecular Formula: type:53Appearance:


                              cas no.: 121-33-5Molecular Formula: type:57Appearance:

                              gamma-Octanoic lactone, Gamma-Octalactone, 4-hydroxyoctanoic acid gamma-lactone, 4-n-Butyl-4-hydroxybutyric acid lactone

                              cas no.: 104-50-7Molecular Formula: type:58Appearance:

                              Dihydrojasmone, 3-METHYL-2-PENTYL-2-CYCLOPENTEN-1-ON

                              cas no.: 1128-08-1Molecular Formula: type:58Appearance:

                              Hexyl acetate, Caproyl acetate, Capryl acetate, Hexanyl acetate, HEXYL ETHANOATE

                              cas no.: 142-92-7Molecular Formula: type:58Appearance:

                              Aldehyde C-18, gamma-Nonanolactone, gamma.-Amylbutyrolactone, C18 Aldehyde, 4-Hydroxynonanoic acid lactone

                              cas no.: 104-61-0Molecular Formula: type:58Appearance:

                              Aldehyde C-14, Peach Aldehyde, Gamma-Undecanolactone, C14 aldehyde

                              cas no.: 104-67-6Molecular Formula: type:58Appearance:

                              8-Hydroxyquinoline, CAS: 148-24-3

                              cas no.: 148-24-3Molecular Formula: type:55Appearance:

                              Brimonidine D-tartrate, Brimonidine tartrate, CAS: 70359-46-5, USP/BP/CP

                              cas no.: 70359-46-5Molecular Formula: type:55Appearance:

                              Iohexol, CAS: 66108-95-0, purity 99%, API grade

                              cas no.: 66108-95-0Molecular Formula: type:55Appearance: